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Our Team

Ian Walmsley Dip Pfs : Director

Ian Walmsley Dip Pfs


Ian has worked in finance for over 30 years and has extensive experience of managing and advising clients.

A large proportion of Ian’s time is spent talking to clients, reviewing their investments and pensions. He says “I believe our clients value the regular contact because it shows we care about them and we are committed to looking after them on a long term basis.”

Ian’s outside interests include walking, gardening and learning the Argentine Tango. He also supports charities such as WaterAid and Reading Matters.

Darren W Guy Dip Pfs : Managing Director

Darren W Guy Dip Pfs

Managing Director

Darren has been a financial adviser since 1987 and enjoys helping his clients, particularly in relation to investments and pensions. He aims to make dealing with a financial adviser a pleasant experience!

His hobbies include spending time playing and watching sport with his sons, travelling with his wife Karen, working as a volunteer speaker for WaterAid, but much of his time is spent driven by his faith. He feels it is important to help and encourage people in this aspect of their lives and so gives talks across the UK and abroad with this aim in mind.

Chris Walmsley Dip Pfs : Director

Chris Walmsley Dip Pfs


Chris has been in financial services since 1988 and he’s always enjoyed helping people with their finances. Many clients have been with Chris for a considerable number of years.

He is fully qualified to give financial advice in areas such as investments, pensions and long term care. He specialises particularly, in pensions and retirement planning whilst also enjoying further enhancing his knowledge in all areas, as he believes this helps him to help others.

Chris has many hobbies including photography, golf and on occasion he can be seen out and about in his leathers riding his motorbike!

Philippa Glen : Paraplanner

Philippa Glen


Philippa joined Symphony Financial Advisers in April 2013 as an administrator. Philippa has recently been promoted to Paraplanner and she provides assistance to our advisers in the production of client reports, appropriate product and fund research..

In addition, Philippa provides training to new members of staff on all the tasks behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the office.

Philippa’s hobbies include travel and looking after her young son, Jensen.

Karen Guy : Office Manager

Karen Guy

Office Manager

Karen joined Symphony Financial Advisers in 2009 and is our Office Manager and Senior Paraplanner. As Office Manager she is in charge of training and monitoring all staff and ensuring that all service providers have the information they require. As Senior Paraplanner Karen oversees our other Paraplanners and assists the work of our advisers in preparing appropriate product and fund research, suitability letters and generally assisting advisers and satisfying client needs.

Her hobbies include walking two dogs, playing the piano, cooking, gardening, travelling with Darren and learning to dance the Salsa.

Sacha Harrison : Supervisor

Sacha Harrison


Sacha joined Symphony Financial Advisers in March 2016 as an administrator and we're delighted to have recently promoted her to supervisor providing assistance to Karen in the training of other staff in the production of client valuations, research, risk profiling and client facing information. She performs many tasks behind the scenes to ensure that we report all the appropriate information required to regulatory bodies, swiftly and clearly as possible.

Sacha’s main hobby is to look after her young son Tyler who we love to see in the office every so often.

Julie Walmsley : Administrator

Julie Walmsley


James Guy : Trainee Financial Adviser

James Guy

Trainee Financial Adviser

Heather Kirkham : Administrator

Heather Kirkham


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