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Symphony Direct

For those of you who are looking at different ways to grow your nest egg, regardless of its size, Symphony Direct provides a tool for you to determine whether a fully managed online investment portfolio might be something to consider.

The first half of the tool contains educational content on portfolios, including examples managed by our partner TAM Asset Management. This is to give you a detailed idea on what you could expect from an investment portfolio enabling you to make an informed assessment.

If you then decide that an investment portfolio fits your needs, the tool then gives you the opportunity to select and apply for a service provided by award winning portfolio manager TAM Asset Management.

No advice is offered by Symphony Financial or TAM Asset Management when using this facility – any decisions made will be entirely your own, as, although the tool does provide information regarding TAM Asset Management products, it does not recommend any particular product to you.

The value of your investment can go down as well up and you may get back less than you have invested.

If you think you might need Financial Advice, Symphony Financial Advisers can be contacted at any time to discuss your requirements.

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Darren has looked after me personally and my business for many years and I have recommended him to others numerous times

Ian has provided me with regular advice for many years and I really value this and I consider him more of a friend than an adviser

I didn’t realise I needed a financial adviser until I met Chris from Symphony. Now I value the importance of reviewing my plans regularly