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Please find below various items of literature which are useful in helping you and us decide, how and where you should invest along with further information on our services.

Risk profile questionnaire existing clients (Interactive)

Risk profile questionnaire new clients (Interactive)

Our Services

Financial Planning

Pensions and Retirement

Insurance and Protection

Savings and Investments

Why top up my pension

Why top up my ISA

Why top up my bonds

Critical Illness cover

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What is life insurance

Our Services

Pensions & Retirement

Savings & Investments

Financial Planning

Insurance & Protection


Darren has looked after me personally and my business for many years and I have recommended him to others numerous times

Ian has provided me with regular advice for many years and I really value this and I consider him more of a friend than an adviser

I didn’t realise I needed a financial adviser until I met Chris from Symphony. Now I value the importance of reviewing my plans regularly